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Extensions - Conversions - Alterations - New Build


As our advert in the local press & online, we offer everyone a free “over the telephone” design advisory service together

with an estimate of the proposed drawing and design works cost with no obligation to use us.


ELA Design’s main service is the preparation and submission of the architectural plans that you require for your home

extension for Local Authority Planning and Building Control Approval. As a rough guide to help you understand what is

required to achieve these goals we have put together a simple explanation of the local authority departments parameters

and requirements below, starting with planning approval.


It really does go without saying, but the earlier you engage us as your agent, the sooner you'll be able to start work on site.

We maintain excellent channels of communication between you the client, ourselves and the local authority to ensure that

your project reaches the speedy and successful conclusion you would expect from us.




This division of the local authority looks at the overall aesthetics of your project in relation to the existing and adjacent properties, overall volume of the development and layout of the building. There is a duty of care on the part of the planner to ensure that neighbouring properties are taken into account. This and more besides comes under the heading of the Town and Country Planning Act.


Building Control - Full Plans


A division within the local authority monitoring construction propositions and site work, to ensure that the minimum acceptable legal requirements for construction are achieved. Primarily the areas covered are related to structure, fire safety, site preparation and resistance to moisture, resistance to passage of sound, ventilation, hygiene, drainage and waste disposal, heat producing appliances, protection from falling collision and impact, conservation of fuel and power, access and facilities for disabled people, glazing - safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning and finally materials and workmanship. These 14 areas all come under the heading of approved documents supporting the Building Regulations. These are non-statutory publications supporting the building regulations prepared by the department for transport, local government and regions, approved by the secretary of state and issued by the stationary office.


Building Control - Building Notice


Plans prepared without Building Regulation Approval are advisory only and are not working drawings.


Thames Water Build over


If you are building over or within three metres of a public sewer then you will need to make an application to Thames Water. This is in accordance with Building Regulations 2010, part H4.

This requires specialist plans to meet the requirements of Thames Water. The application fee for this is £299.


Permitted Development


Small extensions/loft conversions may be exempt from formal planing application. In all circumstances Building Regulation Approval must be obtained for these projects.


Design Process carried out by ELA Design


Stage 1   Initial site visit, including Measured and photographic surveys

Stage 2   Production of plans and elevations.

Stage 3   Sign off approved drawings with client.

Stage 4   Submit drawings to Local Authority, Planning Department.

Stage 5   Production of sections and detailed drawings.

Stage 6   Submit to Local Authority, Building Control.

Stage 7   Plans / sections amended if required

Stage 8   Two complete sets of approved drawings issued to client.


· Planning drawings usually completed within 5 workings days of stage 1.

· Planning Permision normally takes up to 8 weeks after drawings signed off by client (stage 3).

· Building Control Consent normally takes 6 weeks (running concurrently with planning application).




We deal with all the paperwork and liaison with the Local Authorities for your applications.


We can arrange for one of our surveyor's to visit you in your home to discuss your requirement's for your home extension. They can discuss with you any design matters with which you are unsure of or suggest alternative ideas when you do not quite know what you want. They will also advise you on any limitations that you are likely to encounter in the Planning and Building Regulations process.


On successful completion and approval by the local authority of your application we will provide you with the stamped approved drawings along with an additional two full sets of drawings for purposes of tendering to local builders.


We can of course recommend Building Contractors or other specialists in your area. If you would like a costing for this service including all the Local Authority costs you can fill out our free e-mail request form or contact us.


If you cannot find the information you require on our site or simply wish to ask advice on a particular project you can contact us by phone on 01992 441512.


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